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Deportivo Cleveland


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


Saturdays or Sundays

For more information call:

Coach Freddy (346) 449-9296

Coach Rexie: (713) 834-5543

Coach Jazmin : (346) 449-2311

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Technical Plans

Soccer practice plans that teacher players how to perform the skills they need to compete (Passing, receiving, shooting, dribbling, etc.)


Plans for all

U10 is a bridge between youth type practices and select type practices. Many of the warm-ups are fun youth type games and then some more traditional training activities are introduced as well.

Tactical Plans

Soccer practice plans that teach players how to make decisions when they have the ball and when they do not have the ball. Tactical plans focus on individual decisions or small group decisions.

Youth Plans

Soccer practice plans that are developmentally appropriate for U6 and U8 soccer players. These practice plans take into account the abilities of youth players with an emphasis on creating a fun learning environment.

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Functional Plans

Soccer practice plans that teach players how to play a position/role or how a group of players can work together.

CLEVELAND DEP. focuses on team play and game concepts by providing instruction on how the players should move around the field and work together. Ensuring that players still have fun while learning these concepts. Soccer can be complex, so engaging players in drills and activities will help them understand what they need to do on the field.

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