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About Us

Leadership begins with us!

365 Sports Complex is a Veteran owned facility. We have over 25 years combined service to our Nation and want to continue the mission of servitude in our community. As sports lovers and avid physical fitness fans we decided that a sports complex would be the best way to positively impact the community. 365 Sports Complex is a place to play sports in a safe environment. We also invite safe gatherings and celebrations.

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365 SC

Strength of Body & Mind



  • Our vision as Sports Complex is to inspire, encourage, and provide a venue for our communities to play sports in a safe environment. We hope to be a place where athletes of all levels can train, practice and reach their highest potential.


  • Our mission is to create and maintain a natural open space that is needed in the Porter, Kingwood and New Caney area for fitness activities that includes individual or team sports.



  • Commitment - The ability to stay to engaged in a cause or goal from start to end.

  • Integrity - The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

  • Selflessness - The ability to put others and nature before ones self interest.

  • Perseverance - The ability to stay committed to a goal while facing adversity and challenges.

  • Courage - Mental or moral strength to venture persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty


  • We would like our communities to be physically active, stewards of the planet and protectors of the environment and animals.

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